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Mittwoch, 06 November 2013
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Instructions for users
1st: reservations:
• have to be arranged with the labmanager
• in case of unexpected circumstances (breakdown or overhaul) the lab-management is able to cancel bookings. It is highly recommended to confirm the booking a few days in advance.
• please consult our lab-schedule for available measurement time
• samples must reach the lab 24 hours before starting analyses for cleaning, vacuum-heating, coating and mounting.
• time lag due to delayed receipt of samples is at the expense of the user.

2nd: sample format

• all samples will be mounted in ”top reference“
• valid formats are:
- thin slide, rectangle 28 x 48 mm
- thin slide large: rectangle up to 49 x 84 mm
- round samples max. 25.8 mm (approx. 1 inch) in diameter thin slide or up to 6 mm height. (only in special cases up to 20 mm height)
- round sample 40 mm diameter up to 20 mm height
• special formats upon request: please ask the lab management

3rd: sample quality and cleanliness
• non-gassing epoxy resins and adhesives are acceptable only
• code labels made of paper need to be removed
• labelling by permanent marker is permissible on non-polished surfaces only
• it is required to clean all samples carefully for removing all carbon-hydrates
• the samples have to be baked out in vacuum for 24 hours before coating
• if poor surface quality will lead to restrictions in analysis quality, the lab personal is allowed to reject samples

4th: obligations
• The user is obliged to fill an application form, in which he accepts:
- to be instructed about safety rules and risks concerning treatment of x-rays (according to the German law of the ”Röntgenverordnung”)
- in case of publication of data obtained in the lab to name the correct adress of the lab therein
- to hand out an offprint to the lab

5th: charges

• actual costs upon request: ask the lab management
• special conditions for non-scientific users
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